My giving pledge

Marc Zuckerberg has made an hugh donation (99% of our Facebook shares to the  Chan Zuckerberg Initiative). Just as a comparison:

  • Zuckerberg-Donatation: 45 billion USD
  • Sum of all donations in Germany in the year 2014: 5,1 billion USD

So is the world depending on altruistic attitude of some billionaires? Yes currently the fondations of billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg are very important (Giving-pledge). This does not mean that „normal“ persons don’t have an impact. On the contrary. Everybody can do something. I recommend you to see the Ted-talk of Peter Singer.

Poverty could be eliminated completly when the richest 10% would give only 2% of its income to effective charities. You might be richer than you think. Just fill out this form and you will be suprised.

My personal giving-pledge:

If everybody in Germany (a rich country) would do the same, the figure would be much higher than the Zuckerberg-donation. But not only the amount of donation matters. Also if the money is given to effective charities. Here I recommand the website Give-well. Here you see where a Dollar has the biggest impact.

I hope this is a motivation for you to „join the club“.

…Just have a try…it is great 🙂


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