…Who likes to pay taxes?
There are a lot of ways to spend money which are more exiting than giving it to fiscal authorities. But if it is true that 2 things in life are sure: death and taxes, then why don’t we change our perspective on paying taxes. I might not agree with all the investments that our government is taking with MY taxes, but overall the public spending is necessary and should be supported. Why not be PROUD about my contribution to this community?
It is much more satisfactory to think about this positive side of taxes than to be angry about each cent that is deducted.
If you sum up all the taxes that I have paid…

  • as a employee (income & church tax …which is a German invention),
  • as a consumer (VAT) and
  • as a entrepreneur (Corporate taxes)

then my tax payments will exeed the 2 million figure in the next month.

…I have decided to be proud of that 🙂


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